news-cw-digital-01RUNNING a bath has its own complications – leaving the hot tap on too long and you can burn your toes but too cold and you need to top up – but not to worry Anglo Italian have come to the rescue with a digital water control.

The cross water control has arrived in Hollywood and offers full control at your fingertips. Digital Water control ensures that part of your daily routine is effortless and can be programmed exactly to you and your family’s requirements. This system can operate the shower to the required temperature from anywhere in the home, even from the comfort of your own bed. Instead of constantly watching the bath Cross water Digital controls can accurately fill the bath to a desired depth of water and exact temperature and you can prepare the bathroom carefree for your bath.

For family homes, there’s less water wastage and with a safety feature that limits higher temperature levels, there’s peace of mind too. Don’t just take our word for it call us on 0121 474 2920 or pop into the showroom for a demonstration.